The BizTrek Method

ReLaunch Seminar



The Keys To Defeating Revenue Stagnation

Workshop Title: The BizTrek Method

Workshop Description: This 25-minute on-demand workshop reveals the know-how needed to trigger your next upturn, defeat revenue stagnation once and for all, and then CRUSH your growth ceilings.

What You'll Learn: This online workshop will explain how BizTrek's 12 Triggers work and why they are deployed in their special order. The BizTrek Method is timeless and universal. It has been used by leaders of professional service firms around the globe. Once you know and unlock the scientific processes behind this system, you will be able to properly overcome revenue stagnation in any business ... anywhere ... and at anytime. You will embark on a powerful journey so you can play the "game of business" on your own terms and build your practice or business to its highest potential.

Who It's For: The BizTrek Method workshop is designed for leaders of professional service firms such as engineers, attorneys, accountants and consultants ... but many entrepreneurs study it too.

Presented By: Gil Gerretsen, Founder & President of BizTrek